Digging Up Old Memories

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  I’ve been doing some Fall cleaning and organizing. I ran across some old paintings that made me laugh and cringe a little. I tried to do some political paintings, which is something that I really hate. I should walk that statement back a little. I hate when a controversial figure is elected to office. It often results in poor art. When political art focuses on a specific person it becomes rooted in time. It is often knee-jerk or at least comes off that way. These paintings exemplify that. Years later most people don’t even know who are in these portraits. My father-in-law saw these sitting on my workbench and asked who they were. He watches Fox News every night and is very opinionated, but he still didn’t recognize Dick Cheney. I don’t think the likeness is that bad. I did 4 of these total. The first was George W Bush in Gene Simmon’s KISS makeup. I...

Sick of Being Sick

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I am sick. Sick of being sick. I have have been busy getting the house ready for visitors, hosting, cooking, cleaning up after guests and then repeating the cycle. Seems like everyone wants to visit before the snow falls. It is nice to see everyone but all the work has been wreaking havoc on my immune system. Twice now I’ve started feeling better only to feel crappy the next day. Between work and naps I’ve been working on a painting but it has been discouraging. I will post some pictures soon but now is not the time. I’m trying to keep working through the rough patch which has been hard with everything else going on. The upside is that school is back in session and the transition has been wonderful. I tried to plan things out a little better this year. The girls are loving their classes. My oldest was worried about her teacher being too strict but those concerns...

Frustrating Couple of Weeks

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It has been a rough couple of weeks. The kids are in school now, which is always a busy time, but so many other things seem to keep popping up too. Little things. What is weird is how full of rage I’ve been. I’m normally fairly laid back. I don’t hold grudges because I run out of the passion to sustain them. There has only been one person who really raised my ire and the fact that he did actually disturbed me. I spent many nights trying to figure out why that person made me so angry and it mostly came down to how he treated others. I saw alot of myself in that person but where I “try,” he doesn’t, but I digress. I don’t know if I wrote about it in the past but I bought a new dishwasher last year. I bought a really nice one. It cost more than our refrigerator. When people walk into my kitchen they say, “Wow that is a nice...

New Sketchbook

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  Just got a new sketchbook. A new sketchbook is a beautiful yet intimidating thing. This last year or two I’ve been trying to refocus and work art back into my life. After I bought it, it sat with my art stuff untouched for a few days. I never know how to start a new sketchbook. After mulling it over for a while I decided to just start drawing…    ...

Another Totoro Lunchbag

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