Beer Talk – Organika Stowaway

By on May 9, 2018 | 0 comments

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It is Maibock season again and I do love a good Maibock. Last year I dove deep into Maibocks, researching their origins and all that. I just took a six-pack to a D&D night and when another player off-handedly commented on the picture of the goat, I was able to go into a greatly detailed (and boring) explanation.

I grabbed a sixer of Lakefront Brewery’s Maibock and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had a stowaway. An Organika had been swapped out for one of the Maibocks. At first I was excited because I thought it might be one of their Eazy Teazys, but no, it was a Organika. I love Lakefront Brewery. Their beers are consistently good. They used to make a Scottish Ale called Snake Chaser that ignited my love of craft beers. I have been wanting to try Eazy Teazy but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I was leery when I saw it was a White Ale but I gave it a try anyway… I was immediately disappointed. I admit that this is my problem. I am not a fan of White Ales. I can trace it back to one night in particular. Wheat beers were popular for a short period and I tried my fair share. I had recently moved to Milwaukee and I had a couple friends come visit. This being Brew City, I took my friends out for a night on the town. This was before children so we went out drinking until the bars were closed. We didn’t stop there, we continued the revelry long after we got home. The next day was miserable. I didn’t… couldn’t eat the entire day. I remember sitting in a nice restaurant the following morning with a huge plate of delicious food before me. I just stared at it without hope of even tasting one bite. It is still the most hungover I have ever been.

I wanted to like Organika. Look at the bottle design, it is beautiful. The colors and shapes are simple, harmonious and appealing. One of those friends went on to become some fancy pants designer in Madison. She did (does?) all the package design for Furthermore Brewery, which is another great little brewery, and she even won some awards for it. This design looks alot like something she would do and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this was done by her. Anyway, I tried to drink it and couldn’t even make it through the bottle. It wasn’t bad, I just can’t stand white ales. The rest of the six-pack was reliably fantastic, the best Maibock on the market in my opinion.

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