Bad Restaurant

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Have you ever had a lunch that was so bad it actually made you angry? We went to this little Mexican restaurant on the beach in Pewaukee. The decor was pleasant and we were able to get a table right away so we thought we’d give it a shot. I love Mexican food, both authentic and Americanized. I even enjoy the occasional trip to Taco Bell. This place was not good on any level. Their margaritas were just mixes. We ordered chips with cheese dip and they brought out movie theatre quality chips and cheese. It cost a little more than it would at the theatre too. We ordered a couple kids meals, which came with drinks. The waitress came out with the girls’ tall drinks and left without leaving straws. When we asked for straws we were informed, “We are a straw-free restaurant.” Spilling occurred. I got a steak quesadilla and the steak was overcooked and I’m pretty...

It’s Happening

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  I feel pretty lousy about this but it is happening. I’m starting to go longer and longer between posts. I am still working and running and drawing and staying busy but this just hasn’t been happening. I’d like to blame it on the new dog but she has been great and while there has been a transition using her as an excuse would be a lie. This drawing is starting to come along though.  

Running Weather

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    The weather is changing and this is my favorite time of year for running. I have had a few good runs and that is in part due to my playlist. I listen to a variety of things but I have one playlist, my “Running” playlist, that I generally keep the same, occasionally adding or removing a song. Recently I just made some major changes and I am pretty happy with where it is right now… 1.) Water Me by Lizzo 2.) Running by Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX 3.) Root Down (Free Zone Mix) by The Beastie Boys 4.) Generals (Feat. Roscoe Umali) by DJ QBert 5.) Nobody Speak (feat. Run The Jewels) by DJ Shadow 6.) Start A Riot by DUCKWRTH & Shaboozey 7.) Let’s Go (feat. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Jon) by Travis Barker 8.) Mean Demeanor (Explicit) by Run the Jewels 9.) Welcome 2 Hell by Bad Meets Evil 10.) Rap God by Eminem 11.) Down (feat. Joi) by...

Doomed…I mean, a learning project

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  It is a good thing I can learn from my mistakes because this project has been doomed from the jump.     I finally bought a router. I’ve wanted one for years but couldn’t really justify buying one. Looking back at the last year or two I decided that I could actually put one to good use. I have been consistently producing new art and I have made a couple frames so now was the time. I bought a base model, without any bells or whistles, figuring the things I have planned are pretty simple and I still don’t know how much I am going to use it. I also grabbed a 2×2 for my first project.     I am lucky I didn’t seriously injure myself or break the router. I did not have a good handle on how a router works. Maybe a nicer router would be able to do what I was trying but I found out pretty quickly that patience is key when using it.  ...


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  http://knitdogproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/IMG_0618.m4v   Things have been weird lately. We have a new addition to the family and she is quite the spitfire. It has been a bit of a struggle trying to figure out what our new normal is. Sorry for the lack of posts…  

Free Water

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  When I was a kid all I wanted was freedom and independence. I didn’t know that was what I wanted and I definitely couldn’t put that in words. All I knew was that I wanted to do stuff and go places. One of the first ways I started interacting with the world was by ordering water. Ordering water sounds weird but it is one of the first things you can actually do as a kid. I didn’t have any money but that didn’t matter because water was free. Anytime I was out in public, especially at a mall, I would tell my parents I’d be right back and then go to the closest food stand and ask for a water. Most of the time they would treat me like like any other customer but occasionally I would get a, “buzz off kid.” I quickly learned what kind of restaurants would and wouldn’t give me water. It was an important step in learning to navigate the...