My Favorite Headphones

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I found my favorite pair of headphones. Well, they aren’t really mine. I kind of…appropriated them. I took a lithography class while in college. If you are not familiar with lithography it requires drawing on a big rock, applying a bunch of chemicals and then ink which transfers to paper. I might be a little fuzzy on the details. Regardless, the rock was heavy and my arms are uncannily weak so I had to go to the printmaking studio at night to draw. After spending the day with my then girlfriend, I was at her house gathering my things to go when I realized I had forgotten my headphones. The girl I was dating was a painter. For whatever reason it seemed like painters always listened to little boomboxes or radios in the studio. Some days you’d walk into the studio and 3 or 4 people would have their radios blasting, filling the room with chaotic noise. I didn’t hold...

Karate Parties

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I think I’ve mentioned my youngest is a bit of a bruiser. This last weekend she was invited to a boy’s birthday party. She wasn’t really interested in going. She is friends with the boy but she wasn’t sure if any other girls would be there. In an effort to persuade her my wife said, “You do know it’s a karate party right?” She was sitting on the floor playing with some toys and without looking up she said, “I do like kicking people.” Of course as responsible parents we had to respond with how it is wrong to kick people but as we launched into our little spiel she interrupted us with… “If they steal something…” Neither my wife nor I knew how to follow that one, so we just did our best not to laugh. She attended the party and had an awesome time. It turned out she was the only girl he invited. When I dropped...

The Tooth Fairy

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My daughter thinks I’m the tooth fairy. I don’t mean she thinks that there is no such thing as the tooth fairy, she thinks I’m THE tooth fairy. She is convinced of it. She has lost quite a few teeth in the last couple months and she is convinced that I am magically making them fall out. She keeps trying to trick me into admitting that I am using my magic against her. She keeps asking what I need the teeth for and what I’m doing with them. Anytime I say anything on the subject she always responds with, “Why would you say that if you weren’t the tooth fairy?” or “SEE! I KNEW IT!” The evil side of me wants to play with this notion. My good side, also known as my wife, keeps telling me it’s a bad idea. I want to say things like, “I’m going tooth collecti…I mean… uh… I’m going to the gym.”...

These are the jokes

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  My father-in-law told me to get a life…   Apparently that wasn’t good enough…    

My First Taste of Beer

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I’ve been drinking this beer called Oddball. It is a K├Âlsh Style beer. It is light and refreshing and with a fairly low alcohol content so it is nice to enjoy with friends. I was having one with my wife and mother-in-law playing cards when a memory came rushing back to me. Sometimes moments and actions don’t feel like we think they will. When I was little I hated to go to my Grandma’s house. I told my parents it was because it was boring but there was something far more sinister lurking behind my statement. When we would go to my Grandma’s I would spend all my time outside. They lived in a retirement trailer park so there were never other kids, just me. The reason I didn’t spend time in the trailer was because of my Grandfather. My Grandma and Grandpa had divorced long before I was around and my Grandma had remarried a man who was much older and whom I now...

Final Inktober for 2018

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    I accomplished my goal for Inktober. I finished 10 drawings. I wasn’t completely happy with them all but I’m not dwelling on that. The point was to stay motivated and keep drawing. Things are crazy at work and home so I haven’t been writing for the last couple weeks but I am staying busy. Right now I seem to be obsessed with rabbits. I just received the audiobook of Watership Down too, so I might do a few more drawings while listening to it. I mentioned that to my wife and she just gave me a horrified look in return. I don’t know much about Watership Down. It is just a sweet little tale about talking rabbits right?     I can’t seem to come up with a drawing of a rabbit I like yet. Maybe I don’t really like rabbits.