Easter Fun

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I have an aging minivan that I bought used. The previous owner took very good care of it so I haven’t had many problems. However, the other day I was sitting at a stoplight when I noticed smoke coming from under the hood. When I got home the sweet smell of antifreeze filled the garage. I didn’t have any puddles or obvious leaks so I held off and asked my mechanic to take a look at my next oil change. On my way to said oil change, I noticed the van was running a bit rough. No warning lights but the more I drove the worse it got. About a grand later I now have new plugs, wires, a new water pump and a few new seals. It was rough, but the good thing is the van has never ran better. Turns out what I thought might be the transmission going was actually a misfiring spark plug. I haven’t been this happy spending money I don’t have in a really long time. I still have that leakey front tire but I’m working on that too.

That was all on Good Friday. The in-laws are in town now for Easter and my oldest is on Spring Break. That means my house is full of slime. Slime is back in a big way. I remember when slime was big when I was a kid. I loved my He-Man Slime Pit. My Mom hated it and now I know why. What makes things worse is now kids make their own. I keep finding my household items missing or empty. I grabbed my shaving cream last week only to find it was empty. I was making orange chicken the other night only to find that I didn’t have any corn starch. Not only is it messy but it is starting to get expensive. At least I could take advantage of her Squishie obsession and make those weird videos. It is funny every person I show them to gets an entirely different impression from them. Maybe they are art after all. I admit they just seemed like Liliana Porter rip-offs but…actually if you haven’t heard of Liliana Porter you should go check her out. Some of the videos she does with toys are extraordinary.

I’m looking for a new podcast to get into. I mentioned in the last post the Last Movie Podcast was fun. The TANIS podcast has started back up but there are two weeks between episodes and I can only re-listen to the same podcast so many times. There is a nice synchronicity going on between some of the podcasts I listen to but I don’t want to comment on it too much because I’m afraid I might spoil things. After a disappointing 3rd season, TANIS has come out of the gate swinging. The first three episodes have been wonderful returning with all the elements that made it so great in the past. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.

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