Finished a Mandala Drawing

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After my last drawing I wanted to do something a little different. Mandalas are one of those neat things that fascinate me. Clearly I’m not the only one because I see them everywhere sold as adult coloring books. I tried one about a year ago that I just freehanded to varying success so I thought I’d try to plan this one out a little better.



Recently I’ve decided to embrace the things that I can do well and focus on them. I really want to draw in a specific way so I’ve been trying to get better at that when I should be building off what I can do well. I recently tweeted, “I never fancied myself a stippler yet here we are.”



I’ve been reading about Mandalas too. As I started reading I quickly found that my drawing isn’t actually a Mandala. The fact I’m only doing a quarter of a circle somewhat disqualifies it immediately considering that ‘mandala’ is Sanskrit for ‘circle.’ The thing I find most intriguing is their use in tantric Buddhism. They are used as a form of meditation. One was recently used in the Netflix series House of Cards. In one of the episodes the Buddhists patiently work on a mandala of sand that they then blow away once it is finished. I don’t remember anything else from that episode, or even that season, but I do remember that.



“And all those who made images of the buddhas, carved with their extraordinary marks, have certainly attained the path of the buddhas. All those who made buddha images out of the seven treasures, decorated with brass, copper, pewter, lead, tin, iron, wood, mud, glue, lacquer, and cloth, have certainly attained the path of the buddhas. All those who made or had others make buddha images painted with the one hundred embellishing marks of merit, Have certainly attained the path of the buddhas. This even includes children in play who have drawn a buddha image with a blade of grass or a twig, brush or fingernail. Such people, having gradually accumulated merit and perfected great compassion, have certainly attained the path of the buddhas. Leading and inspiring the bodhisattvas, they save countless sentient beings.”

The Lotus Sutra, Chapter 2



Too pretentious? Anyway, once I finished I immediately thought of the painting I recently completed. I’m still struggling with doing abstract art so I couldn’t leave well enough alone…



I am working toward making that “merch” tab live this year and I will be producing a number of these on canvas. My guess is they will be a smaller, more intimate size (8″ x 10″)  but I am open to suggestions. If you are interested in purchasing one before the end of the decade then contact me and maybe we can work something out.


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