Frustrating Couple of Weeks

By on Sep 6, 2018 | 0 comments

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It has been a rough couple of weeks. The kids are in school now, which is always a busy time, but so many other things seem to keep popping up too. Little things. What is weird is how full of rage I’ve been. I’m normally fairly laid back. I don’t hold grudges because I run out of the passion to sustain them. There has only been one person who really raised my ire and the fact that he did actually disturbed me. I spent many nights trying to figure out why that person made me so angry and it mostly came down to how he treated others. I saw alot of myself in that person but where I “try,” he doesn’t, but I digress.

I don’t know if I wrote about it in the past but I bought a new dishwasher last year. I bought a really nice one. It cost more than our refrigerator. When people walk into my kitchen they say, “Wow that is a nice dishwasher!” It was kind of a big deal for me. I’ve made little goals for myself throughout my life. Something to work toward. This dishwasher was one of them. It seems silly but I was proud when I got it. I am still proud. I spent more on this dishwasher than any other appliance in our home. I did that becasue I have finally hit the point in my life where I didn’t have to settle. I didn’t have to go with the one I could afford, instead I could buy the one I wanted. I spent months researching dishwashers and checking them out. I visited it at the store everyday for a week before finally buying it. I haven’t even had it a year and it broke. Nothing major broke. One of the rollers on the upper rack broke. I tried calling customer service and that was a waste of 30 minutes. I looked up the part and was able to order a better quality replacement off Amazon and I fixed it myself. I am still SO disappointed. I was planning on buying a matching oven but now I’m not sure and I know I’m not going to get a Whirlpool washing machine or dryer. The only upside is I complained about it on Twitter and got a “We are sorry you are disappointed” from the company. Sometimes yelling into the void can make you feel a little better.

Things are starting to settle down. I’ve finally reached the stage in the rough patch where all the emergencies and problems have been dealt with and now I’m cleaning up the details and finally setting everything right. It is a relief and I’m looking forward to moving forward.


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