Inktober Day…What day is this?

By on Oct 12, 2018 | 0 comments

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I have confessed to the fact that, sometimes, I am not the best person. I am also, at times, a bit of a dummy. Not last weekend but the weekend before I went grocery shopping and bought some oranges. I was planning on making Orange Chicken but some last minute changes resulted in the bag of oranges not being used. Due to lack of refrigerator space and the plan to make Orange Chicken shortly after purchase I just put the bag in the pantry.

About mid-week last week I started noticing a strange odor when opening the pantry. It was a weird acidic smell. I looked through the pantry checking for old potatoes and making sure nothing had spilt. I couldn’t find anything. A couple days after noticing the smell we started having a problem with fruit flies. We have plants in the house so occasionally we will get fruit flies but it is generally at the beginning or middle of summer. I thought it was a little weird but I put out some traps and didn’t think much more about it. Over the next couple days the flies kept multiplying so I searched the pantry again to no avail. Now my wife started to get concerned. She was on the case, spending all her free time researching fruit flies and how to get rid of them.

Last weekend I went about doing prep work for the kids’ lunches and snacks. I started removing big bags of chips, boxes of crackers and a huge bag of popcorn to be split into rations for the week when I saw it. The bag of oranges was hidden behind the chips and crackers. Everything suddenly made sense. The smell of fermentation that seemed to have an odd acidic smell was in fact citrus. I immediately disposed of the bag, wrapping it it several trash bags before taking it to the garage. Luckily(?) it wasn’t slimy or oozy. I was able to quickly clean up the orange and gray dust. The mystery of the fruit fly infestation was solved.

The next day my wife had some interesting news. She had cleaned all the drains and sinks. She poured bleach down them in regular intervals and she performed other rather intensive tasks in an effort to solve the fly problem. I appreciated her hard work, because how often do we actually do those things, and I thanked her. I did NOT fess up about my own culpability in the Fruit Fly Infestation of 2018. I decided to bite my tongue figuring now that the source was gone there would be immediate improvement that was only quickened by my wife’s hard work. The problem is, every night my wife has been recounting her, now daily, tasks to rid ourselves of the flies. Feeling more and more guilty by the moment I said to her, “Why don’t you take a bit of a break and see if your efforts have paid off?” With a steely-eyed glance she pulled a bottle of bleach from under the kitchen sink and disappeared up the stairs en route to the bathroom. The fly population has indeed dropped off drastically but she is determined to annihilate them all. To add to my guilt the garage has started taking on the smell of fermenting oranges. Everytime I walk into the garage I hear, or rather smell, them like a citrus Tell-Tale Heart.

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