Karate Parties

By on Jan 15, 2019 | 0 comments

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I think I’ve mentioned my youngest is a bit of a bruiser. This last weekend she was invited to a boy’s birthday party. She wasn’t really interested in going. She is friends with the boy but she wasn’t sure if any other girls would be there. In an effort to persuade her my wife said, “You do know it’s a karate party right?”

She was sitting on the floor playing with some toys and without looking up she said, “I do like kicking people.”

Of course as responsible parents we had to respond with how it is wrong to kick people but as we launched into our little spiel she interrupted us with…

“If they steal something…”

Neither my wife nor I knew how to follow that one, so we just did our best not to laugh. She attended the party and had an awesome time. It turned out she was the only girl he invited. When I dropped her off the mom greeted us saying, “You must be pretty special, you are the only girl he wanted at his party.”


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