Lunch Bag Art – Anime

By on Apr 26, 2018 | 0 comments

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I picked up my oldest daughter from school yesterday and she was super excited to show me a drawing. So excited in fact that we almost ran off the road when she put her notebook in front of my face while I was driving. She has discovered Anime eyes. I thought it was funny that she has never noticed them before. She watches all the Miyazaki movies (except Princess Mononoke) and there are a couple anime shows she watches on Netflix so I was a little surprised by her excitement. We talked about Anime and did some drawing together, filling a page with faceless eyes. Out of context the sheet is more that a little unsettling.

This morning, while searching for her lunchbox, she informed me that she had left it at school. So inspired by our sketches I quickly made up today’s lunchbag. The first thing she disappointedly said when she saw it was… “It’s a boy.” Man, I love that kid.


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