My Favorite Headphones

By on Jan 23, 2019 | 2 comments

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I found my favorite pair of headphones. Well, they aren’t really mine. I kind of…appropriated them.

I took a lithography class while in college. If you are not familiar with lithography it requires drawing on a big rock, applying a bunch of chemicals and then ink which transfers to paper. I might be a little fuzzy on the details. Regardless, the rock was heavy and my arms are uncannily weak so I had to go to the printmaking studio at night to draw. After spending the day with my then girlfriend, I was at her house gathering my things to go when I realized I had forgotten my headphones.

The girl I was dating was a painter. For whatever reason it seemed like painters always listened to little boomboxes or radios in the studio. Some days you’d walk into the studio and 3 or 4 people would have their radios blasting, filling the room with chaotic noise. I didn’t hold out much hope, but I asked her if she had any headphones I could borrow. She started digging in her bag and instead of pulling out some cheap Koss headphones, as I was expecting, she pulled out a big, really nice, pair of Sony studio headphones. This was before the days of prestige headphones. The pair I owned at the time had been purchased at a sketchy record store that sold more “tobacco assessories” than records, so I was more than impressed. She offered up her discman in addition to the headphones which was a great improvement from my old yellow waterproof tape-playing walkman.

When I got to the studio I pressed play on her Discman and she had the newest Promise Ring CD loaded. After finishing up my drawing I journeyed home with purpose. At the time, a computer with a CD burner was a major life goal. I’d just gotten the computer a few days prior and I wanted the first CD I created to be special. I wanted it to be perfect and meaningful. I had been working on the playlist for weeks but it wasn’t quite right yet. That night I went home, finished up the playlist, pulling a song from that Promise Ring CD, and the first CD I burnt was for her. I still make her mixed CDs even though she isn’t my girlfriend anymore. Now she is my wife and a little part of me thinks it all goes back to those headphones.



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