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By on May 18, 2018 | 0 comments

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I haven’t been running. Things seem to keep interfering. Between the kids, my wife and my own colds and various illness, I haven’t been running more than once a week. I did a Warrior Dash though. This last weekend I, along with 11 others, tackled the Warrior Dash. This is the 3rd time I’ve done it. As a runner, it isn’t that difficult. I have a harder time conquering my fear of heights than the actual obstacles. There is usually an obstacle that I really like because it requires a little problem solving to best complete it. This year it was a series of pallets hanging from ropes attached at each corner. I swang across them like George of the Jungle. It was really fun. I thought about doing it twice. The trail was exceptionally muddy. Amazingly muddy. Far, FAR muddier than in past years. Our group did real well and I had a great time. Oh and Dogfish Brewery was a sponsor so they had really good beer too.

I have been drawing. I finished up this drawing and I decided to make a sticker out of it. I knew the first version wasn’t going to turn out. It needs a little more work. I added some color and printed it with gold ink. We have a digital press at work that prints gold and silver. A metallic on the background adds a nice touch without taking away from the drawing’s detail.

I scanned my drawing and did some limited cleanup to the image. I’ve started building it as a vector image. I have to clean up the scan a little better before I Streamline it. Is that what it is called anymore? I know it has a new name. I don’t like the color or the texture of the “knit.” I am going to blow it up the drawing, print it on oversized paper and then color it with colored pencils. I am going to print it rather large so I can blow up the final sticker about as big as I want it.

For the first draft though, I think it is a nice start. If you would like one of these limited first run email or message me with your address and I’ll send you one. I’ll probably send a different sticker or two too.


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