The Last Movie (Podcast Talk)

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  I ranted about The Black Tapes podcast in the past. I binged it while on a work trip and enjoyed the way it developed. I was also deeply disappointed with the way it ended. Unfortunately my feelings haven’t mellowed in that regard. Despite my feelings, I decided to give its sister podcast, TANIS, a chance. Turns out I like TANIS even more than I liked the Black Tapes. I might have written about this before but TANIS does a good job of taking weird, real world occurrences and weaving them into its narrative. They touch on just about everything. Nikola Tesla, MK Ultra and even the unexplained feet that randomly wash up on Pacific Northwestern beaches all show up in the podcast. TANIS has just started its fourth season and it is off to a running start. I loved the first two seasons but the third was a little disappointing. I found the narrative seemed to lose its focus. It started...

Created a Youtube Channel

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  I wanted to create more of these squishy videos so I started a channel… The link is a little unwieldy so you can just click here if you’d like.   Otherwise the address is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Mquw34qzEsLpagIX8fdUg If I get enough subscribers I can rebrand it. I think the videos are interesting and strangely satisfying so I guess time will tell. If you have a minute please subscribe to my...

Snow Crash

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      This is a little bit of a follow up from last week. Ready Player One has gotten alot of hate online. I didn’t mean to add to that with my last post, I am a just little baffled by all the love. After reading it I talked to friends about why they liked it and most answered with, “It was really fun.” While reading reviews online one book kept coming up, Snow Crash. Usually it was in the negative reviews but it popped up more than once. Snow Crash was written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. It is a science fiction/cyberpunk novel that focuses on two main characters, Hiro Protagonist (yeah, I know) and Y.T. (Yours Truly). It takes place in a 21st century dystopian America where capitalism is king and the US has been cut up by corporations and businesses. The different suburbs, or territories, are owned by and ran by corporations that style and rule their neighborhoods...

Ready Player

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Ready Player One is coming out and I know a few people that cannot wait. I can’t get excited for it. I read the book. It was ok. For me it was one of those books where when the story starts to lag I realize I could stop reading. I guess it could be discribed as heart. All stories have that moment where the story kind of stops. A well written story uses that pause for effect or rather to affect. Sometimes it is suspense or sometimes it is longing. When I got to that point in the book I thought, well I’ve put that time in, might as well find out how it ends. Now I have no problem with the pop culture, reference, thing. I would love nothing more than to see an EVA fighting The Iron Giant while Gandalf the Grey stands on his shoulder battling a Moltres saddled up with a double wand wielding Bellatrix Lestrange. My favorite scenes from the Toy Story movies are where Andy is...


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  Not really sure what to do with this so I’m putting it here… http://knitdogproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Squish.mp4   So there you...


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  I was listening to Good Christian Fun and they had a couple of songs that really captivated me. It wasn’t the actual songs but their relationship to each other. The first song was titled Barlow Girl. The band had been playing shows and come across another band called The Barlowgirls. They were impressed by their message (of abstinence) and integrity. Then in a weird Doctor Whovian twist, 4 years later The Barlowgirls burst onto the scene with their first single being the song the first band was so impressed with. That got me thinking. Is it only a matter of time before something you like gets popular? Obviously, The Barlowgirls were already a touring as a band in a scene that is small enough that a certain amount of success is almost guaranteed. That isn’t a knock or insult, actually I find it encouraging. They were clearly good enough to be influential so their eventual...

Random Thoughts

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Ugh, I was down with the flu last week. Finally getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt good in a week or so. It is funny how everything seems fresh and new after being miserable for an extended period of time. I was driving to work yesterday just looking at the sky thinking, “Wow that sky is blue. What a beautiful sky. Those clouds are nice too.” Then I got to work and the tire I had replaced a couple weeks ago was half-flat. I thought I noticed a weird shimmy on my way in.


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  I did this drawing based on a tweet…   Have you checked out my Twitters? I am having fun with it. Silly pictures and stupid jokes. Anyway, I follow the public museum and they posted this…   I have wanted to do a butterfly drawing for a while. I am fascinated by their wings. I have hundreds of pictures of butterflies in my picture archives but I have never followed through with a drawing so I replied with this…   The head is too big and the symmetry is a little off but I was happy with the way it looked and the quick turnaround. I spent a little more time and I think it turned out nice, issues aside....