Tropical Moon… a podcast recommendation

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  I went to visit my inlaws this weekend. The drive to their house is almost 4 hours so I took the opportunity to share the Tropical Moon podcast with my wife. I have been a bit obsessed with Tropical Moon as of late. I have been listening to it while drawing so the context may be influencing my feelings. I wanted to get another opinion before writing about it. My wife listens to podcasts too but she favors the true crime and advice variety so I wasn’t sure how she would feel about Tropical Moon. Tropical Moon is a lovely podcast. Whenever I start to think about it the word “lovely” always comes to mind. There are so many little things that add up to make it a fantastic show. The writing is superb. The world is rich with different characters, flora and fauna. The reason why I wanted to get someone else’s opinion is because the stories are… well they are...

Dog Dumps and Dump Trucks

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There is a saying that if you are a runner it is only a matter of time before you find a dead body. When people are out and about things happen and bodies are found. I did not find a body but I have been out and about. My weekend started off with a bang when I got off a little early on Friday and decided to have a late lunch at Arby’s. I was the only patron so the staff was conversing among themselves while I ate my buffalo chicken sliders. Their sliders are surprisingly good. The wing sauce is one of the best fast food sauces out there, but I digress. The subject of dogs came up. One employee was excited because she had just moved to a new apartment and she could finally get a dog. While talking about breeds she mentioned chihuahuas. Her co-worker then went into a graphic and very detailed story about how she had killed her chihuahua by accidentally slamming its head in a car...

Go fly a kite… don’t forget your lunchbag

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A Couple Days of Wonder and a Lunchbag

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  For better or worse, I like to think better, life has been a bit mundane lately. My mother came to visit which was nice but aside from a trip to the domes it was rather uneventful. I was starting to wonder what I was going to write about this week but things just seem to sometimes happen. Last night I was driving home and a tree fell ahead of me. All the events surrounding it were perfect so I wasn’t in any danger while still being close enough that it was wonderous. I had just started driving after being stopped at a red light when I noticed some movement off to the right of the road. Then this huge tree started to fall. It fell so slow and it was so huge that my mind had a hard time comprehending just what was happening. I clearly consume too much Science Fiction because it immediately read as a huge beast slowly lumbering out of the woods. When it came to rest it was...

Instant Karma

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  There is something that fascinates me about Instant Karma videos. I will spend hours watching video after video. Driving in Milwaukee, not one week goes by without seeing someone driving like a jack-a-napes. I have been driving in Milwaukee for over a decade now so I am a bit aggressive too, but I try to respect others. If someone is driving slow in front of me I will give them space, unless we are on the freeway, in the left lane and no one is in the right…MOVE OVER!!! The problem I have is I drive a minivan. People cannot stand being behind a minivan. I could be driving 90 in a residential area but some jerk in a Civic is going to ride my butt. The other day I was driving home and a guy in a pickup was tailgating me. He was so close I couldn’t even see his grille. I was going about 10 over the speed limit and there was a semi in the lane next to me. As soon as there was...

Still Pokemon GOing

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Drawing Trees

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Summer is here. The kids are out of school and their new routines are in full effect. I could not be happier to get this year behind us. Scheduling was a nightmare last year. Luckily, next year is already all set. The kids are all signed up for their programs and nobody is on a waiting list. I’ve been getting back into the swing of things too. I went into a bit of a slide for the first quarter of this year, but I’m back to running and drawing. I think I’m going to run a 5k or two this year but we’ll get to that later. I’m working on a new drawing now. It is another one of those things I always wanted to draw but never did…   Bonsai trees are pretty cool right? There is a reason they slip in and out of popularity…   I always feel like something is lost when adding ink. I think it looses the subtle touch and pressure that shows in the graphite....

Tribulation – Podcast Talk

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  I started this podcast over a month ago. It totally scared the crap out of me. It starts with a couple on a roadtrip. They are listening to the radio when they stubble upon a good ol’ fire and brimstone preacher. It starts escalating and getting more frantic and the episode ends. It really rattled me. It consumed my thoughts for a couple days. I actually had to ready myself before continuing. I wanted to binge the whole season but I also didn’t want it to be over. I limited myself to only 2 episodes in a sitting and I made it into an event, adding a little ritual to my listening. I waited until the kids were in bed, all the day’s chores were done and I had returned from my run so I could just focus on the podcast and draw. I’m going to leave the plot vague and avoid spoilers. I could add more details but I went in blind and it has been quite a trip. One of the...