Another Totoro Lunchbag

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My Life as a Zucchini

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  I am a fan of animation. I am not one of those parents that thinks if it is animated it’s ok for kids. As a parent of younger children I struggle to find movies and TV shows for my kids to watch. They don’t watch alot of TV but we do have Saturday night movie night and occasionally Friday night movie night. My oldest has decided she doesn’t like “talking animal” movies so our choices have started to dwindle. I did some minor digging and found a strange little feature called My Life as a Zucchini. I got the movie and we decided to watch it…together…without knowing what the plot was. The movie is about a young boy named Zucchini. His mother “really likes beer.” She sits in front of the television screaming at it while drinking. While off playing by himself he does something that upsets her and she leaves her television to give him a...

A Pokémon GO gathering and skating with Dad

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  I did a special Pokémon GO thing last weekend. I’m going to assume most readers don’t play Pokémon GO so I’ll leave the wonky stuff out and focus on what I found most fascinating. Pokémon GO has a special event that requires an invitation. If you don’t have an invitation then you can’t participate. A couple weeks ago I received an invitation with a time and a location where the event would take place. The location was a park, not too far from my work, so I took a long lunch to check it out. The meeting place was in the middle of a soccer field. The park is fairly large so you could access to the field from all sides. As I walked up I immediately noticed the diverse group of people standing around and more were approaching from all directions. I could not believe how many people were there. The group topped out at somewhere between 60 or 70 people. The...

Triumph…a little bragging

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  I finally did it. Actually, I finally did a couple things. I have been trying to do things that I haven’t in the past. This has mostly been in regards to drawings or paintings but it has applied to other areas in my life too. This last week I accomplished two things that I hadn’t done because I was intimidated by them. First off, I built a frame. I’ve had a painting hanging in our house for a few years now. It was the first painting I finished after we moved in. Now it has been quite a few years and our other decorations and furniture have been replaced with nicer decorations and furniture but it is still hanging without a frame. For the last few years my wife has been subtly hinting that it needs a frame but I was intimidated. I learned how to build frames in college but the guy who ran the shop was a little too hands on. If you asked for help or advice he would...

Tropical Moon… a podcast recommendation

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  I went to visit my inlaws this weekend. The drive to their house is almost 4 hours so I took the opportunity to share the Tropical Moon podcast with my wife. I have been a bit obsessed with Tropical Moon as of late. I have been listening to it while drawing so the context may be influencing my feelings. I wanted to get another opinion before writing about it. My wife listens to podcasts too but she favors the true crime and advice variety so I wasn’t sure how she would feel about Tropical Moon. Tropical Moon is a lovely podcast. Whenever I start to think about it the word “lovely” always comes to mind. There are so many little things that add up to make it a fantastic show. The writing is superb. The world is rich with different characters, flora and fauna. The reason why I wanted to get someone else’s opinion is because the stories are… well they are...

Dog Dumps and Dump Trucks

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There is a saying that if you are a runner it is only a matter of time before you find a dead body. When people are out and about things happen and bodies are found. I did not find a body but I have been out and about. My weekend started off with a bang when I got off a little early on Friday and decided to have a late lunch at Arby’s. I was the only patron so the staff was conversing among themselves while I ate my buffalo chicken sliders. Their sliders are surprisingly good. The wing sauce is one of the best fast food sauces out there, but I digress. The subject of dogs came up. One employee was excited because she had just moved to a new apartment and she could finally get a dog. While talking about breeds she mentioned chihuahuas. Her co-worker then went into a graphic and very detailed story about how she had killed her chihuahua by accidentally slamming its head in a car...

Go fly a kite… don’t forget your lunchbag

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A Couple Days of Wonder and a Lunchbag

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  For better or worse, I like to think better, life has been a bit mundane lately. My mother came to visit which was nice but aside from a trip to the domes it was rather uneventful. I was starting to wonder what I was going to write about this week but things just seem to sometimes happen. Last night I was driving home and a tree fell ahead of me. All the events surrounding it were perfect so I wasn’t in any danger while still being close enough that it was wonderous. I had just started driving after being stopped at a red light when I noticed some movement off to the right of the road. Then this huge tree started to fall. It fell so slow and it was so huge that my mind had a hard time comprehending just what was happening. I clearly consume too much Science Fiction because it immediately read as a huge beast slowly lumbering out of the woods. When it came to rest it was...