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I was listening to Good Christian Fun and they had a couple of songs that really captivated me. It wasn’t the actual songs but their relationship to each other. The first song was titled Barlow Girl. The band had been playing shows and come across another band called The Barlowgirls. They were impressed by their message (of abstinence) and integrity. Then in a weird Doctor Whovian twist, 4 years later The Barlowgirls burst onto the scene with their first single being the song the first band was so impressed with. That got me thinking. Is it only a matter of time before something you like gets popular?

Obviously, The Barlowgirls were already a touring as a band in a scene that is small enough that a certain amount of success is almost guaranteed. That isn’t a knock or insult, actually I find it encouraging. They were clearly good enough to be influential so their eventual success was just a matter of time. I take comfort in that.

The front tire is still leaking and I did this postcard sample for work. As previously mentioned, I was out with the flu and we needed some new samples so I tried to use my time off to actually accomplish something and produce something that was a little more unique.


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