Relic and Reliquary

By on Jun 1, 2018 | 0 comments

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I have a habit of obsessing on something for a while and then moving on. My goal has been to direct that obsession and use it. It is clearly part of my nature so I’m trying to work with it and figure out how to use it. Recently I’ve found that staying organized helps. A few months ago I was obsessed with stickers. I scanned some drawings, cleaned them up and printed a bunch. Knowing it was a project that I could break up into parts I tried to focus on those parts and keep them organized. What I ended up with was a ton of unfinished stickers all printed multiple-up on full-sized sheets when my attention started to wane. Instead of totally abandoning the stickers I packed them all up and stored them until it was time to pick them back up.

Now I’m in a reading phase. My passion for reading comes and goes. I will read 3 or 4 novels in a row and then stop altogether and not read anything for months. I’m reading Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s books right now. I started with Relic and now I’ve moved on to Reliquary. I read Relic because I have a friend who loves their books and the beginning seemed like a good place to start. My friend is an English major who is very well-read. With that in mind, I was a bit disappointed with Relic. It was an interesting story and there were some elements that I really enjoyed, man do they write a grating authoritarian figure, but I was surprised that these were some of my friend’s favorite writers. There was a hook at the end of the book, a bit of a cliffhanger, so I decided to continue to the next book.

I’m not very far in Reliquary but I could tell why my friend liked the books as soon as I started. I found the writing to be significantly better in the second book. It opens with a diver going into one of New York’s dirtiest most disgusting rivers. The way they discribed the underwater realm was fascinating and horrific.  I could picture being down there with the diver and the tension they built was palpable. So far the book has been fantastic.

The downside of reading is I cannot multi-task. I love podcasts because I can listen while drawing, doing papercraft or any other project that I am obsessed with at the time. Right now however, I’m obsessed with this book so I decided to grab and finish up some stickers. The books have kickstarted some Lovecraftian rumblings in my head so I might get back to drawing soon… as soon as I’m done with this book.

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