Season of Snot

By on May 4, 2018 | 0 comments

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Wooo hooo for allergies! The season has finally changed and the snow has finally melted and now the dried up remains of last year’s garden is driving my allergies crazy. I’ve always had allergies but that used to mean I was just a snotty-nosed little kid but every year my allergies get worse. Add to that I was fighting a mild cold and suddenly I am nearly out of commission. I felt terrible for the better part of the week. I just got some new running shoes but unfortunately they have been just sitting in their box.

For once I actually followed through on what I’ve always claimed was the purpose for this site. Instead of going to bed early and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to revisit the drawing I started a month or two ago. As you can see, things have kind of gotten out of hand. It has been interesting and meditative drawing all those little dots while the NyQuil D starts to kick in and dull my senses. I almost fell asleep at the table one night.


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