The second bookmark is Tentacool

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Here is the second one. I’m having fun doing these. There is something satisfying about knocking these out every couple days. I’m probably repeating myself, but I really like some of these character designs. They are simple yet interesting. They have just enough going on that I can play with them creatively while focusing on things like coloring and line.



I had déjà vu with a twist the other day. I mentioned the incident involving my oldest daughter and her introduction to Sarah McLachlan, well this time I came home to my youngest crying her eyes out. My wife was sitting on the couch comforting her when I walked in. She was hugging her and talking her down. I asked what had happened and my wife told me they had watched The Lion King at school. When I replied, “The Lion King?” My daughter burst into tears again.

My youngest then went on to recount the scene in the valley with Mufasa. Well, I think that was what she tried to recount between sobs and gasping for air I was able to make out, “Daddy?” and “Get up…”

It’s funny most parents talk about how scary the scene at the end is with all the hyenas and the fire at pride rock but she wasn’t affected by that at all.



All-in-all I am happy with how this turned out. I did face a bit of a dilemma while drawing it. I really wanted to add extra tentacles. I think that it would have added balance to the drawing but I had already taken some liberties with the face so I didn’t want to push it too much. The other choice I really grappled with was adding the ends of the tentacles. I did a bunch of sketches of the end suckers but they didn’t really work in the final layout.



I used the same format as the Chimecho bookmarks including the Pokédex watermark. I really should work on some decent product photos.


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