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I started this podcast over a month ago. It totally scared the crap out of me. It starts with a couple on a roadtrip. They are listening to the radio when they stubble upon a good ol’ fire and brimstone preacher. It starts escalating and getting more frantic and the episode ends. It really rattled me. It consumed my thoughts for a couple days. I actually had to ready myself before continuing. I wanted to binge the whole season but I also didn’t want it to be over. I limited myself to only 2 episodes in a sitting and I made it into an event, adding a little ritual to my listening. I waited until the kids were in bed, all the day’s chores were done and I had returned from my run so I could just focus on the podcast and draw.

I’m going to leave the plot vague and avoid spoilers. I could add more details but I went in blind and it has been quite a trip. One of the joys of this podcast is its unpredictability. It is hard to find exactly what to say about Tribulation. First of all, the show has great production and the voice talent is amazing. The actors are really what make the podcast work and after further rumination, that is what affected me so greatly. The story takes some phenomenal twists and the voice work holds it all together.

My wife and I like to play a little game while watching TV shows. Whenever we are watching a show like ‘Lucifer’ or ‘iZombie’ we will play, “Bad Guy or Bad Actor.” In some cases the person on the show is a good actor and you can tell they are deceiving the detectives. Other times they are just bad actors and they are unintentionally unconvincing. The acting in this podcast is great. If someone seems fishy, it is probably because they are.

I broke my own rule when starting this podcast. I was burnt by Limetown. Limetown ended their first season on a cliffhanger and then disappeared. Limetown just announced it is coming back around Halloween but after waiting 3 years (yes, three years! Not a typo!) I’m not sure I want to do that to myself again. Now I try to avoid a podcast until it is in its second or third season. This show only has 10 episodes but each is filled with ideas and details that definitely warrant multiple listens. They have promised a “Book Two” and I cannot wait…Praise Be.

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